I also love the special model, but it's too costly
I also love the special model, but it's too costly Nov 16

I also love the special model, but it's too costly

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I also love the special model, but it's too costly. I like how the whip appears. It's a large sword, and it makes a wonderful sound when you attack. It can also be used as a shield, which can be a great benefit for defense. It cannot build strength! This is why the special is so hazy.

I purchased the Saradomin sword because it has the ability to increase strength without making me crazy. The quest looks like i won't be able to finish it. If I sell my saradomin saradomin weapon, it will fetch me 200k, which would give me around 10.3 mil.

That means I could get a whip, and an erker ring, a great barrows set and other great stuff. I'd have to pay more money to buy my barrows if I keep my saradomin blade. What should I do? I'm open to constructive criticism and suggestions. I'm a 70-70 defense 70 strength, 70 defense, and 70 attack. We would appreciate your input and time.

My coordinates are about 4 squares from the ladder. The problem is that there's at least one lesser demonic that is respawning in this area. It took me 10 seconds to figure out the spot. My problems are that, after a few minutes the demon keeps reapawning, then I start to feel hungry and the rev keeps coming back to attack me. What's the best method to deal with this?

Keep going through in low population(slow restart) worlds in search of the solo lesser with no rev. Do you want to do you work there? Locate solo lesser with no rev, lure lesser out of the gate, and then keep him out. Do I need to jump worlds or run down ladder in case rev is a danger? Next time, I will be able to bring an anti-posion.

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