Latex Free Vinyl gloves are becoming a more popular choice as a replacement item for gloves that contain powders. BeGlove's Latex Free Vinyl Gloves, DINP-Free is a synthetic exam glove made with PVC. The material is perfect for short-term medical use involving most non-toxic duties. When in need, the glove can provide a layer of protection against low risk exposure procedures such as changing bed linens, bed pads, or other patient care procedures. The glove's smooth finish and beaded cuff assures it can be donned and removed easily while preventing unnecessary roll-ups as you're working. The gloves are made to fit in either hand for convenience and is thick enough (.11 mm) to provide a proper grip of medical equipment. The glove is powder free and latex free, avoiding any sensitivity to either.
Economical, food safe solution for frequent glove use and disposal.
Food Preparation, food processing, light cleaning and general maintenance.
Product NameMaterialsTypeColourQTY / Box
Latex Free Vinyl GlovesVinylAmbidextrous, non-sterile, beaded cuffClear / Blue100
DimensionsSizePalm WidthLength
(3.35鈥澛?.2鈥?240 (minimum)
(3.74鈥?卤0.2鈥?240 (minimum)
(4.17鈥?卤0.2鈥?240 (minimum)
Extra Large113卤5mm
(4.45鈥?卤0.2鈥?240 (minimum)Disposable Vinyl Gloves factory