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Cook Healthier Food at Home with Asian Recipes
In the United States, there is no doubt that Asian restaurants of all types cook up some of the tastiest and most affordable take-out food you can find. But don't let their excellence discourage you from cooking at home. If you shop at an Asian grocery store for the flavor ingredients, you can make many of your favorite dishes. Your family will enjoy having some of their favorite dishes more often, and when you control the ingredients, it's easier to be sure they're eating healthy. Many Asian main dishes use fresh vegetables as the bulk ingredient in place of meat which lowers fat and cholesterol intake.
When you have some time and are in the mood, browse online to check out recipes for Asian main courses. You'll notice many differences from entrees prepared according to western culinary traditions. For example, soups and broths are prevalent as part of the daily diet. It's different from western menus, where soups are relegated to winter menus or when someone is recovering from an illness. You can find many Asian soup recipes that are heavy on vegetables and greens, making them good sources of fiber, vitamins, and minerals. They're delicious when prepared well and for leftovers.
In many Asian countries and their food traditions, meat is used more as a flavoring than a main course bulk ingredient. It's an approach that changes the nutritional content of the daily diet considerably. When vegetables contribute more of the bulk to meals, you're instantly eating lighter and healthier. There's little sacrifice in taste, and when you have the right flavorings and spices, the dishes aren't hard to prepare. If you want to reduce your family's intake of fat and cholesterol, you'll do it effortlessly when you increase the percentage of vegetables in the meals you cook, especially the main course dishes.
When you're scouting Asian recipes, keep an eye out for tasty ways to prepare fish at home. Everyone who wants to eat healthier knows fish is protein-packed, and when you select the right one is an excellent source of alpha three omega fatty acids. Using it to replace meat in main courses is one of the better nutritional exchanges you can make. There are many ways to prepare it, and you'll see smiles on your family's faces when you bring a delicious dinner out of the kitchen. Many Asian preparations for fish require only a few ingredients and are quick to cook. They're both easy and filled with flavor.