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Roller Blinds Auckland

Blockout Roller Blinds are designed for full privacy and warmth and are usually placed in bedrooms, bathrooms or living areas.

Blockout Roller Blinds are designed to block the light completely and provide you with full privacy while being easily maintainable as it has colour fading resistance.

Cleaning is very convenient as you can just simply wipe the fabric with a wet towel with lukewarm water and then use a dry towel to remove the moisture / water on the fabrics.

These blinds are ideal for rooms that require full light control such as a bedroom, bathroom or living room.

Many fabric colours can be seen by visiting our showroom, or ask us to send you the colour samples. Also, there are 4 different colour choices on the bottom bar – White, Silver, Cream & black

For More Info :- https://www.beautifulblinds.co.nz/