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How do slot machines work?
The creativity of game developers is not limited to gaming features. And many slots are already available in free demos on special websites like and others. Nevertheless, some basic features are usually included in almost every online slot. Below we will briefly explain to you these common features of slots.

The virtual reels are vertical spinning wheels that show different game symbols and end up with one particular symbol on each reel when the spinning ends. The behaviour of the reels in online slots is programmed into the game software. This includes the graphics, symbols and landing probabilities of the various game symbols.

Paylines - The number of paylines can vary from 1 to even several hundred thousand (in rare cases). Usually it is between 1 and 100 paylines (or ways to win, as it is often called), but there are many exceptions.

Payout Table - The payout table contains everything you need to know about the winning symbols and payouts for each combination.

Bet size . All slots have a minimum and maximum limit on the amount you can wager, but this limit can vary slightly from game to game. Nevertheless, the limits are usually low enough and high enough to satisfy most players.

Jokers, scatters and multipliers . Almost all online slots in Polish online casinos have a wild symbol, a scatter symbol and multipliers. The wild element replaces all symbols (except the scatter) to increase your winnings. Jokers can have different characteristics, including sticky jokers (which are the most common). A certain number of scatters (usually at least 3) randomly placed on the reels will activate the free spins feature in most slots. The multiplier will increase your winnings by at least 2 times and sometimes works in conjunction with wild symbols.

Free Spins and Bonus Games . The number of free spins you get usually depends on the number of Sketters you earn, and sometimes you can get extra free spins by getting more Sketters during free spins. Many slots also have bonus games that can take many forms. For example, a game like Click and Choose is quite common.

RTP, variance (volatility), rollrate and maximum winnings
The theoretical payout potential, commonly referred to as "return to player" (RTP), can vary from game to game, but the industry average is around 96%. This means that the average online casino's slot machine bonuses are around 4%, which is much lower than most physical machines.

Another thing that varies greatly in online slots is something called volatility (or variance). While the RTP can be very similar (or even the same) for two slots, you'll find that some games pay out infrequent but large amounts, while others pay out smaller winnings almost all the time. There is also a centre, and each player has to decide which one he prefers.