Eve is famous for its player economy
Eve is famous for its player economy Jan 04

Eve is famous for its player economy

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This is excellent, the neighborhood continues to amaze me with the quantity of value people are willing to just share at no cost. (Unless this is a secret strategy to control the markets for profit, which I would also respect as being entirely inside the soul of the game). I mainly made this since it had been sorely lacking in-game, so I'm glad that folks think that it's useful. As for manipulating the niches: I wish I were clever enough to have done this.

Eve is famous for its player economy. All of this, and a lot more, should be in the game and subjected via APIs. At leastit should be if they're serious about it being a great, useful, steady market.I need things such as limit orders at channels, market price sell and purchase that actually execute with the correct values. I can't be sorting through 100 lists to locate all of the 500 lots in my station when I want to purchase 250k of something.

It's a mess as well as players get on, it'll be even more flooded with small lots that really have to get concealed behind appropriate market tools. I don't care that there are 5,000 lots of 10 items at 100 ISK each. I care that I can't buy 50k without going through the purchase process 5,000 times -- once for each of those lots.And their estimated prices are useless. Yours are better, but with just point in time scraping, it can only be really good with no exposing the data. (Better than my"by eye" estimates that are even less frequent -- I upgrade my spreadsheet about two times a week)

As for the estimated costs : I only updated the algorithm that I use to generate the sell/buy prices. I think it's a tiny bit better at matching what people are anticipating. Allow me to know if they look better to you.Wells make certain you suggest they include an API for the marketplace data. It is better they do it for actual than promote scraping or other methods, IMO.Of course, the recent video made it seem like they couldn't even determine corporate logs; the market is bigger than that. Heh.

I have been working on this website to reveal cost histories for all the items in Eve Echoes. I only have background for the last week or so. I'm likely to continue improving on this, so if anyone has opinions I would love to hear it!The volumes are of exactly what? Trades? If so, I've looked at some things that I exchange and I have sold way in excess of your proposed volumes in the last two days. Where are you getting the information?

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