This sub is way to doubtful to say anything positive about Madden
This sub is way to doubtful to say anything positive about Madden Dec 27

This sub is way to doubtful to say anything positive about Madden

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Yeah they're but still all 4 games are identical. It's not fun for bouncing them around in my opinion. And every friend I played in person with these ways anticipate them to become like the street series. It is still normal gameplay however. In 2K in the blacktop mode they place additional crossovers and dunks. They arent indistinguishable? They're all completely different sport games that provides their own spin on a smaller, less serious mode. By his logic they ought to eliminate play now and franchise since those manners are in all of the matches too.

I know this isn't a fix to franchise. However, this is a wildly cool thought. Being able to play against other people with friends/randoms at a smaller game mode as your avatar?? Awesome. I want fixes to franchise as well as I do not play anything but franchise. However, this is a new game mode and a new addition to madden making the match at the very least different to madden 20. And so, I'm excited as hell to attempt this.

Therefore, I'm excited as hell to try this. Well that's the matter, to test it you're going to need to purchase the game and purchasing the game simply proves to EA that Franchise does not matter. I am also excited to get a mode like this but the main thing to me is Franchise developments not the Yard developments. Until Franchise is much better people who really really want Franchise to improve shouldn't be buying the game no matter how many shiny bells and whistle game modes they put in there that will take resources away from Franchise mode in future match installments.

Exactly. If you purchase this game you may too spend $500 on packs weekly. Thats the only thing EA cares about. If you purchase this game for $60 you might as well spend 8x that a week. Adding barebones garbage rather than fixing the core gameplay and game mode that brought your stage achievement is definitely not the way to go. At no time did I say this was the way to go. We are glad that there's a brand new, potentially exciting game mode coming into the game and want the game to have the repairs needed. Gameplay needs fixed, franchise wants a face lift since it's gotten so barebones through recent years. It doesn't need to be either one or the other.

This sub is way to doubtful to say anything positive about Madden in almost any way. The Yard is a super cool idea and it's okay to be excited for this. I am a huge franchise guy that isn't happy with the present state of CFM, however I really like this idea!

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