NBA 2K22 dunking advice and tips and
NBA 2K22 dunking advice and tips and Mar 31

NBA 2K22 dunking advice and tips and

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A contact dunk is made by holding R2 or RT while keeping the right stick pointed up as you sprint towards the basket. A defender must be on the other side of the court so that your player can complete the contact dunk by stepping over him.

Elite finishers have a greater chances of finishing contact dunks better than defensive players. People who have the elite or pro packages can unlock contact dunks, but the difficulty of finishing increases over players who have blockers and paint defenses that are high.

Dunk contest controls differ from your regular dunks during games. Players can choose the style of dunk they'd like to execute based on the specific dunks available that are available in NBA 2K22. The timing and execution of the dunk is critical when performing these, because the judges will be looking at them when determining.

Learning about the player's dunk ratings and verticals to figure out how they perform elite and pro dunks is essential. This will also help you gauge if you can perform the standing or running dunk to a particular guard forward, center or.

Dunking is a specific skill that earns not just two points, but also some pretty marks from crowds as well. The players must be savvy in order to know when it is time to take a dunk or settle for a jumper if there is an opponent in front. Dunks look pretty but the key is getting the points.

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