Now my suggestion isn't really revolutionary
Now my suggestion isn't really revolutionary Mar 26

Now my suggestion isn't really revolutionary

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If I was in your shoes, I'd take those 28 million and either invest in the economy if I knew how, or really work on your combat statistics and focus on taking out things to collect loot. The drawback is... the highest reward drops usually requires more than your current stats and you'll need take on a serious effort to improve your combat for a long time. What's the issue? When you are using your preyer book, insted of the normal preyers, you'll have preyers from the preyer book of your god.

The illicit gold market and the intricate problems it creates (autoers) is a major problem for Jagex and a problem they have been fighting for decades but with only a small amount of successes.

Now my suggestion isn't really revolutionary, but it's slighty modified to diminish the negative effects of its implementation. However, it is based around the idea that Jagex should sell gold to stop the black gold market more profitable for sellers of gold, thus reducing their incentive to offer Runescape gold and thereby reducing their incentive to utilize autoers as well as reducing the amount of game play for other players.

I believe that if Jagex offered Runescape gold, they wouldn't only make more money but in turn reinvest it into the game but they would obviously be servicing a growing proportion of the Runescape community who are willing to buy gold.

Though in selling gold I'd like to believe that Jagex could be able to set a limit to the quantity of gold an individual player could buy at any time, to reduce not only their own liability but also to make game play the primary source of revenue, not to mention preventing using bankrolling features associated with the game.

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