RuneScape - I'm looking to upgrade the weapons I melee
RuneScape - I'm looking to upgrade the weapons I melee Mar 10

RuneScape - I'm looking to upgrade the weapons I melee

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Divination: A new skill, take a trip south of Draynor to start. Inventing: New skill coming in 2014. World-Events: Something related to the Sixth-Age (do the quests I stated to better comprehend this) in which Gods engage in battle in Gielinor and the winner is determined by the contestants. The first one was Battle of Lumbridge which featured Zamorak v. Saradomin (Saradomin won) The second event currently in play is known as the Bird and the Beast which is Bandos fighting. Armadyl (the loser of this contest is killed).

It's all I can dream of at this moment and yet, they are the majority of the major changes for the game. If you're looking to find out more about what's planned for 2014, take a look at this Reddit thread, which summarizes all that was happening at RuneFest 2013.

I'm looking to upgrade the weapons I melee. For now, my weapon of choice is a BGS that is an embarrassing situation for someone of who is my level. I originally thought of going for chaotics, but drygores are crashing and may actually be in my budget.

So I'm looking for your suggestions. Here's a bit about me: I don't like the dungeoning. In most cases, I'm solo because I'm not a team player. It reduces my xp/hr drastically. I currently have an 87k tokens. It's also the first time I've ever earned 2m xp (which is required to get 200k tokens). If I were to be in chaotics, it would require me to gain twice the experience I've achieved to this point. I'm able to achieve 1.2-1.5m per hour.

I can just picture all the scammers at the GE screaming, "Hosting Treasure Chest hunt! Legit!" That's why I don't want be associated with that. Now, I don't want to be that person who says, "I only want the friendly people to reply to me." (though I'm starting to understand why he's saying that all the time). But please, if you don't have anything nice or helpful to say in response, then send my question to someone else.

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