Lost Ark officially supports Xbox controllers
Lost Ark officially supports Xbox controllers Mar 04

Lost Ark officially supports Xbox controllers

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Lost Ark has received massive excitement in the week in the lead-up to its western launch. It surpassed 1.27 million views last week on Twitch and became the most watched game on Twitch for Wednesday. The game was averaging over 900k views during the preceding days to the official launch of the game on Friday. It features an ARPG combat style, with other standard MMO features. It was created through Smilegate as well as Amazon Studios, and based on the initial response it is likely to be the next big MMO.

Generally speaking, MMOs are best played with keyboards and mice, however Lost Ark isn't a traditional game but is it? Before I get too carried away, know you'll probably have greater enjoyment with this isometric game with inputs that are classic. However, Lost Ark is playable with a controllereven if it's not the most enjoyable. Combat is most comfortable with a controller regardless of the general incomprehensibility of managing menus, inventories and action bars using a gamepad.

In any way, however you're playing Lost Ark, tedium will quickly set in if you don't learn its many keys and controller shortcuts. For your convenience, I'm hoping that this Lost Ark controller guide sends you on the path to beating bandits and demons with a gamepad in hand.

Lost Ark officially supports Xbox controllers, therefore the buttons below correspond to that. Lost Ark is a surprisingly complex game that is surprisingly complex. Numerous activities, numerous advancement systems, and tons of content will keep players entertained for hours. It's an ideal storm for making new players confused about the way certain systems function. Strongholds are a perfect example.

Strongholds -- also known as Estates in various versions of Lost Ark serve as an improvement system, crafting system, and player housing simultaneously. If you're a person who came across the stronghold system but immediately turned away from it, we do not blame you. However, we would recommend that you invest in this system. Strongholds allow you to craft consumables for the endgame, upgrade the characters you play, and so on. This is a comprehensive guide to Lost Ark's stronghold system.

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