I know your isn't asking for a tool advice thread
I know your isn't asking for a tool advice thread Feb 26

I know your isn't asking for a tool advice thread

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I know your isn't asking for a tool advice thread, but it is possible to use barrows gloves. I used them at my battle level. They're not that hard. The regen brace can do hardly any thing. Don't think you're not doing the quest because of the requirements. I have completed all the reqs and were very easy to find.

Then! I've got a training area that not many people utilize. I've seen only one tutorial for it but that's on a different fansite. They're called Zombie Monkeys, and they're located on Ape Atoll. They're located below their monkeys. Let's look at what you'll need in order to be trained:

A good training weapon. Whip for attack, and a Sara Sword for strength, I'd think that's the right choice for you. A good set of armor for prayer bonuses. Barrows and proselytes are better than barrows, although if you had such things as a Soulwars cape and a bandos, it would also be appropriate It's a matter of preference.

A salve-like amulet. Ideally (e). This is the reason it is good in terms of xp. Teleport to ape atoll unlocked, a teleport to an altar before returning to an ape atoll (ardougne cloaks work well since it also has the ability to pray). There are many prayer potions available such as holy wrenches, a combat familiar that gets you the type of level of xp you're seeking.

Teleport to the atoll of the apes, take a greegree to the basement, put on your protect against melee, sip an amazing set, and use your preferred attack weapon (probably an dds), then get your primary weapon. Protect yourself from melee, and the most effective offensive prayer that you can think of, and place your weapon in the North-West corner. You'll have two of the strongest monkeys constantly attacking you, making this extremely quick and low-click. After 15 minutes they'll not be agressive, so take them out, chase around a bit, and tele back in.

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