It's been a while since I posted a comment
It's been a while since I posted a comment Feb 17

It's been a while since I posted a comment

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It's been a while since I posted a comment. recently, I made the choice to leave RuneScape because I was tired of Jagex as a total mess, but I still think the game (and the community) is fine. Therefore, I'm renewing my membership (expires on the 25th) and then deciding to go to RuneScape.

I'm literally broke. I've sold everything that has worth on my account when I decided to quit - and I want to earn money as an NORMAL player. I'm not planning to grind any of my items. I'm planning to grind herbs AND KINGDOM OF MISC. DO NOT SUGGEST THIS. It is my primary goal to find a way to make money that involves playing the game as a regular player. So, no PK'ing, no merchanting/flipping, no dicing etc. Anyone have an idea of what I should do, BESIDES SLAYER. Slayer for me , I do on my own, whenever I want. Which isn't often, but I'll try it.

Okay, I'll use the method I described on the first blog post, however, I'll be trying to obtain barrows' gloves as well as a berserker. Now my next question is what kind of armor should I get to fight bandos? I'd also try borrow claws for your trips. Also, you can get one of the fighter torsos and use BCP BCP money to purchase claws. V helm is only to be used for tanking/solo'ing.

You can ignore the people who mention Ktop and also, you stated that you have teams of 5-6 players This is a 1/6th chance of the magic minion hitting you. Just don't mess with the ktop. The power of the bandos is far more important. In the end, I'm not certain of your levels of prayer or herb. AT least piety is an absolute must. If you're ~70 herb, it's possible to attain 88'ish herblore with 40M. Extremes+6? is it from Bandos.

He has 60 prayer as well as 48 herbslore. It's 6.9mil for 70 prayers, including altar and dbones or ashes. It took me a very short amount of time when I was on ecto and ashes. I was able to get around 70k/hr with no agile short cuts since you don't have grind bones. I'm not sure what xp/hr you get with dbones/altar but it's said to be faster so I would recommend that you purchase it.

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