What's the most important thing to consider?
What's the most important thing to consider? Jan 27

What's the most important thing to consider?

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What's the most important thing to consider? There are many factors involved from my post so I'm not entirely sure what you're talking about in this particular instance. However, I'm sure they're multiplying, but considering that RuneScape is more fundamental in terms of numbers, it doesn't really surprise me if the developers made them additive regardless of what you thought you were thinking about.

The benefit with multiplicative bonuses is that they're simple to calculate with precision using greater numbers, but the combat model wasn't that advanced prior to the update of hits splashes as well as the general life points system. I'm not exactly sure about how much they changed the core principles.

In the majority of cases when I am in occult floors, I always end up with my team doing well on gds because there are obviously no other doors to open, the time is that is 40+ minutes, which is quite sad... I go through the Gds prior to de's. I take ggs to the next gd following a current gd if its not too far. I mark any doors with skill that require opening near gatestone. I note gds that have to be completed.

Team gates key doors. Making note of key door locations as well as gate locations for team gates. The most often, it's the priority and potted doorways that bug me as in... I encounter in my path, a ramo or merc, and the gd is revealed, I generally have difficulty identifying which one to lead to faster and more dungeons. I am able to find a path as well as a gd, levs/emotes room and having trouble and keep asking myself the question"which one will I encounter first?" I am unable to answer it.

I walk along the trail that leads to two separate gds and also ask myself the question "which one is first?" and can never answer it. Deciding whether to put that door, or leave it open. Im still learning keyer. I'm not very good yet.

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