The Madden 22 Thanksgiving Promo
The Madden 22 Thanksgiving Promo Jan 20

The Madden 22 Thanksgiving Promo

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Within The Yard, the Madden 22 Bo Knows promotion has been able to take the place of Nike headquarters. Gamers will be able to find limited-time drops including special "Bo Knows-themed Nike designs and the Nike Air Bo Turf shoes."

After Most Feared having come and gone in the Halloween season, the EA Madden Ultimate Team shifts to the next holiday-themed promotion. The Madden 22 Thanksgiving Promo, also known as Harvest is the first of its player cards released ahead of their drop. Included in the pack are the defensive star Chase Young and wide receiver Emmanuel Sanders. These players and more will have upgraded cards coming as part of the MUT promo.

We have shit from the most Feared in Madden 22's Madden 22 Thanksgiving promotion, Harvest 1. The announcement was made during Good Morning Madden on Twitch and @EASPORTS_MUT twitter. Player cards for the promo will range in ratings from 84 OVR Elites, up to a the 94 OVR Champion player.r

They mention Washington Football team's Chase Young as the Champion. The WFT right end is one of the Speed Rusher archetype with a general rating of 94. The most notable attributes of this item are 94 Tackling 94 finesse moves, 93 Block Shedding and 92 acceleration, the strength of 87, as well as 87 Speed.

Together with Young are two Turkey Bowl Leaders for Harvest 1. For the NFC it's Ndamukong Suff, who sports a Run Stopper archetype and 92 OVR. Suh's upgraded model comes with 93 Strength and 92 Block Shed as well as 92 Play Recognition and 91 Tackling. His card also allows for all NFC chemicals.

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