People with Clamps have access to quicker cut moves
People with Clamps have access to quicker cut moves Dec 22

People with Clamps have access to quicker cut moves

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People with Clamps have access to quicker cut moves and are more efficient when bumping the ball handler. The Clamp badge is important when you're trying to stand a chance of avoiding sharp-shooting guards and forwards with a reputation to drop mid-range shots. This badge will let you stay in front, and , consequently, offer you more chance of getting hands in front and delaying the shot from being clean.

Most players can utilize this badge, however, big men, especially, can use the Intimidator badge. Offensive players who are paired with those with the badge will have a lower rate when attempting a contested shot. Contesting shots is the key to preventing baskets, but an additional boost could be beneficial. You should try to incorporate this badge in your build if you can.

Post Lockdown is another badge that big men will need in NBA 2K22. This badge increases defenders' ability to block post moves and backdowns. Centers and power forwards require a lot of assistance in defense, and this badge ought to be on your shortlist. It can be useful should you match up within who likes post moves.

This is an absolute must-have badge for those who are tall. Rebound chaser boosts the ability of the wearer to track down rebounds from far distances. This, for the most part will give the player an advantage in rebounding over those who don't.

The badge is not a reason to increase the possibility of getting the exact animation you want when you rebound. Want to create a rebounding system for The City? You must ensure that you increase rebounding abilities as high as you are able, and also ensure that you're working to get this badge maxed out.

Stamina is vital when it comes to protecting the body, which is why you need a badge like Tireless Defender to show your strength. The effect of Tireless Defender is simple: it helps to reduce energy lost when exerting effort in defense. If you're planning to get involved in online games anticipate to come across several players using fast builds. To stay up to date with D, Tireless Defender should be useful.

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