Many RuneScape players use Treasure Trails
Many RuneScape players use Treasure Trails Dec 22

Many RuneScape players use Treasure Trails

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In this section, you may find clues, maps, puzzles of an anagram or coordinates, or another type of information that will inform you where to go. If you are able to complete the puzzle and reach your coded destination, you can utilize Your Clue Scroll again to activate the next time.

If you're at the correct spot there is a chance that you will be given another clue or a reward. The higher the level of the scroll is, the more complicated tasks you will have to complete. The steps required to finish a scroll and receive a reward also grow with the difficulty of a scroll.

Many RuneScape players use Treasure Trails as a moneymaker because the rewards resulting through this particular activity can be quite expensive. Some of the items that can be dropped by Master Clue Scroll Casket can be bought for just one billion gold. The most common value you get from completing one Master Clue Scroll should be around 1 million gold dollars. Additionally, the more simple clues can have high ratios of reward value and time required for working on the clues. That's why Clue Scrolls can be categorized as a good money-making method in OSRS.

At the end of each Treasure Trail, a player will dig from the ground to find the Reward Casket. It is found at one of six rarities that correspond to the difficulty of the completed trail. The box you get can either be intermediate, beginner, easy difficult, tough, elite or master. Within the first there are one up to three prizes, and within the range of the second one - from two to four.

The third casket gives you between three and five. Both caskets, elite and hard include between four and six rewards. The master casket may have anywhere between 5 and 7. Each reward is determined individually from the loot table.

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