You can begin by entering the trapdoor
You can begin by entering the trapdoor Dec 16

You can begin by entering the trapdoor

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You can begin by entering the trapdoor, which is located to the north-west of Lumbridge Castle. If you're inside the this cave of cultists, you must go past the man who is talking to cultists . There - under the wall there is a secret trapdoor. If you do not see it the chances are you haven't done the Death of the Dorgeshuun quest. Inside you will find H.A.M. Guards and these are your goals. Just as with previous method It is recommended to take some High Alchemy runes to maximize earnings.

It is a great way to save lots of time and can add an extra gold gain to the loot bank. When you finally fill up your collection with keys you'll be able to start collecting rewards. Make your way to the rooms close by and start opening chests. If you run out of space just simply raise Alch your loot and continue to steal - jewelry is sold at Port Sarim. If you do not already have High Alchemy your best bet is to visit Draynor Village Bank.

Some of the famous methods of making gold the Ironman in OSRS involves two different skills - crafting and mining. To start, you'll need to finish the Shilo Village quest which will enable you to access the village. You will find gem stones, which will serve as the source for your income. There's nothing unique with this approach - all you need to do is extract gems in rocks around the village until your stock is fully stocked. After that, you can cut them with chisel for some crafting experience and either sell them at the Port Sarim jewelry store or deposit them in a bank for later crafting.

Implings can be found in Puro Puro realm which is a homeland to Imp-like creatures. To access the realm, players discover teleporting circles made by Imps in wheat fields in Gielinor. Another option to gain access to this realm is to teleport through an Fairy Ring to Zanaris where there is a perpetual wheat field the teleport.

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