RuneScape - It is possible to win this battle in the event
RuneScape - It is possible to win this battle in the event Nov 29

RuneScape - It is possible to win this battle in the event

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If you answer yes then all your armor will be protected by your chosen God. Weapons and all potions will also be protected. Bandos offers you a huge hammer, Saradomin gives you a spear, Guthix gives you a spiked shield (it's placed in the weapon's hand, and just like the defense cape emote the other hand holds an elongated shield) as well as Armadyl provides you with the sword. No weapon has any advantage over another, and whichever one you select, as well as your demonic blade (if you made it yourself) are the only options for weapons. It is possible to win this battle in the event that you believe.

Zamorak's magic attack is to strike you with two fists of fire. Each punch does 40-60 damage. However, the shield from magic prayer can deter the effect. Zamorak's melee attacks are more common. They can be as simple as hitting you with his fist or pulling out his sword and striking you with his blade, stomping around on you and hitting you with his Hammer. These are all blocked by protecting from melee.

These are more complete than the previous ones and deserve to be called "dragon". The final chapter has a level 500 Rorgon. Rorgon is dragonkin. Wyvoch, Nesazi, and he are the three characters that you met in the final scene of While Guthix sleeps. Rorgon is located in a multicombat area which is why you must bring your buddies. He teleports and leaves things on the ground, instead of dying.

Although I would like to be able to post the suggestion directly to Runescape, it is not feasible. I am not a member, but an unpaid player. This is an idea that is available to anyone who is RC members. Are you looking for an easier way to boost your stats after having completed all of your member's or free quests?

I have an idea for an opportunity to earn a skill as a side-quest. These free side-quest can only be completed when you have completed the entire quest for free including cooking, crafting, Firemaking, Fishing Mining, Prayer Smithing, Ranging, Runecrafting, Woodcutting. These side-quests are available for members but can only be used if you reach a specific quest point (this will depend on the Runescape Staff).

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