There are numerous options to guard turrets and fortresses
There are numerous options to guard turrets and fortresses Nov 27

There are numerous options to guard turrets and fortresses

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You will have this initially, but if you customise it, you can eliminate the items you require and won't be able to conduct a war there. You can have up to 20 barricades and 500-step fields and 4 turrets and 2 fortresses. (remember that the number of turrets you have will be given to your adversaries as well. ) You may also create secondary portals, they cannot be within atleast 50 feet of another person's portal. You can only have four portals total. Your turrets or barricades cannot be placed in particular areas.

Meetings can be called to discuss strategy, clan events or for parties. In this case. You will be referred to just as you would be to an armed conflict. To leave, pass through the gates. There are five landscapes to fight on: desolate (broken Turrain and burnt Trees), desert (sandy with Cactuses) as well as green (blooming field with trees) and fake landscape (red terrain that is completely faked using barricades) and castle (tiles with massive collums or pillars), and castle. You'll be surrounded by a castle wall that matches your fortress. It's similar to Yanille.

Another option is design your own clan banner, in your fortress, and choosing one, you can have: lion, dragon crown, tree heart, gold bag, empty yellow, empty red, empty blue, empty white, and zamorak, guthix and Saradomin. You can also create your own custom. It is here that you will get an instrument kit and the ability to modify any banner you want to.

The reason that this entire free service is that you can't gain any benefit, even if update it as much as you like however, there is no advantage besides knowing the battlefield. It's impossible to build as many barricades or turrets across the other side of the battlefield.

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