RuneScape - One bush has the Ecliptic Herb
RuneScape - One bush has the Ecliptic Herb Nov 17

RuneScape - One bush has the Ecliptic Herb

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There are two bush types. One bush has the Ecliptic Herb. After picking it, you'll be put in a position. The posion may strike anywhere from 2-8, and will drain your prayers if it is picked. The white plant grows on other. It will treat posion and will increase your prayer by 2 for the next 5 minutes. Next, talk to A sunburned Wanderer who is walking along the beach.

Whats wrong? My skin is aching... My skin is hurting... Return to the docks. There is East Solar Isle if you travel towards the east. Explore the houses of residents here until you find An Old Druid. Speak with the Druid.

Hello, and what can I do to help you today, young adventurer? I was hoping you could help me find Niraye Juice. Indeed I can. Bring me a bucket as well as an Ecliptic Herb. If you don't, you return to the Beach and select the opposite bush.

Drink Anti-Posion, and Return to the Druid. Did you send me the herb? Yes, I have. You can search my cabinit and I'll send you my AntiPosion gloves. Search for the Cabinit and then retrieve the magical gloves. Now, I'll start the preservation process.

The Druid cleanses the herb, you will be rewarded with a clean Niraye. To Recieve the juice. Chisel the "Un-ordinary Rock" outside the druids house to receive a Black rock. Carefully Cut the rock into the Druid's Knife. (Level 30 Herblore required to wield) Use the knife and then operate it. The knife will glow and cut. The knife will disengage because it has been used. Make sure you have the bucket in your possession otherwise, the herb will become considered a Bad Herb. A bucket could be transformed into a Niraye Juice if not already.

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