These include the completion of all RuneScape tasks
These include the completion of all RuneScape tasks Oct 25

These include the completion of all RuneScape tasks

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Melee is the most effective combat style and has been so since the release of EoC and has remained so through the Global Combat Improvements. Melee is, however the most ineffective of combat styles. Although melee is the most effective combat method against targets that have infinite HP, it has the lowest damage rate. However, there are no targets that have infinite HP. The time required to run toward new targets severely dampens the damage effectiveness to the point where melee's greater base damage is surpassed by even range, which is the weakest style, in most Slayer scenarios.

Memento is the most susceptible defensively. Melee is vulnerable to splash damage from multi-target attackers such as Vorago, Nex and Beastmaster. However, melee is not able to maneuver against ROTS spins, Araxxor swipes, and other such attacks. When it comes to enemies that attack using melee or another method, Melee sacrifices much protection that is provided by Prayer.

The argument between raw power and practicality isn't a good one. But, the strength of a man does not outweigh the challenges that the melee poses. It's like choosing between an iron bar and a gun. While the bar is more dangerous if you strike it with enough force, you may as well choose the gun.

The main benefit of melee is its low cost. The enhanced excalibur, Saradomin godsword and other items provide healing capabilities. If you'd want such a item that has, say, magic, you'd have to switch to ancients and hit some blood spells. This is only applicable to players of low to medium level. When you start to start to get into scrimshaws, auras and weapons that are noxious, it all matters little.

They are, in my opinion, perfectly acceptable. These include the completion of all RuneScape tasks. There are some odd ones. The subtitle "The Annihilator" Does that count as post-quest content? Or a title of a brand new slayer? If there is post-quest material, it might make sense.

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