Tyceno said Rack demanded large amounts of money
Tyceno said Rack demanded large amounts of money Oct 05

Tyceno said Rack demanded large amounts of money

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Tyceno said Rack demanded large amounts of money from its customers, promising them unusually high returns that could reach 40%. One person aged 21 has told us that he had lost $6000 and was supposed to be paid $11,000 because of the "interest" that he was expected to get. Rack published hundreds of thousands of dollars worth bets and was just trying to brag about how much money it cost.

The NBA 2K League is not subject to the limitations of traditional sports.
One advantage that the NBA 2K League has is that the game is played virtually anywhere by any player. This not only allows the new draft process , but additionally allows for international markets to be tapped. While the NBA has taken a great deal of effort to advertise its brand abroad but it has been able play individual matches in areas like Paris, London, and China. International divisions, long thought to be possible, are simply something that is a wish.

In the case of NBA 2K League, there are no limits. "There's so much greenfield in front of us, in terms of expanding international expansion and expanding the game internationally" Donohue discusses. The Gen.G Tigers from Shanghai is an international team that is part of the NBA 2K League, was accepted into the league this season. They also held tryouts in Seoul, Hong Kong, and London. "We're seeking to find international players we know exist." Donohue says. "It's absolutely a part of our plan to have an European division and also an Asia Pacific division," before saying "it's really a matter of when rather than whether."

But it's not just about getting the attention of an international audience. Donohue said that the NBA 2K League had some plans for this season, but it was not about reaching an international audience.

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