RuneScape - While we are winning small battles
RuneScape - While we are winning small battles Sep 22

RuneScape - While we are winning small battles

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When we reintroduced Free Trade and the Wilderness at the start of the year, we made a promise to combine that with programs that would counter the inevitable botting. Over the last couple of weeks, we've launched a variety of programs to combat this. We haven't yet mentioned them to you because of legal reasons, others because we don’t want to warn bot manufacturers and gold farmers of the countermeasures.

Our problem is that, in spite of all our programs and good intentions, the issue is still massive and adversely affecting parts of our game. We combat bots on all fronts. We are trying to be more transparent and transparent about some initiatives and measures we have announced or are soon to be releasing.

We recently upgraded our internal systems to be able to spot spam from the chat window and instantly silence the culprit, thereby preventing the constant stream of messages from gold farmers that are affecting the gaming experience. Your reports are very helpful to us here! Continuing our ongoing legal cases against bot developers.
When creating new accounts, a mandatory email validation will provide extra security and will hinder the creation of accounts in mass.

There are many more actions and initiatives that we plan to implement over the next few months. We will keep you informed of these as often as we can. The most important of them is to come soon. We are aware that we haven't been the most effective in communicating our plans and this is going to change.

While we are winning small battles, we are spending massive money and resources in trying to combat this problem however, the battle isn't going in our favour because we're trying to catch up with businesses whose sole work hours are 24 hours seven every day of the week is finding ways to get bots into the game. Despite all of our ongoing efforts, however, one thing is for certain.

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