Metacritic named the 15 Best NBA 2K Games
Metacritic named the 15 Best NBA 2K Games Sep 14

Metacritic named the 15 Best NBA 2K Games

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Fans are angry over NBA 2K's unskippable advertising. The NBA 2K series is being criticised for the loading-screen ads which appear during the main game. The weekend before, Stevivor revealed that an ad for Oculus appeared before the standard "episode" of NBA 2KTV that is shown before the game's loading in any of NBA 2K21's numerous modes. Users are forced to view the entire commercial, and it doesn't ask them to change their lineups in the game loading.

Monday morning, Polygon tried to find the ads that were not skippable playing the game available on the Xbox One. They weren't found within games loaded into MyCareer, MyTeam, or any of the Play Now matchups. It's possible that this only applies to specific versions or regions, or that 2K Sports already nixed the advertisements in the wake of the weekend's rage. To clarify, we reached out to 2K representatives.

Stevivor said that the ads were also included in NBA 2K21's PC version and PlayStation 4 version. NBA 2K20 was the first game to feature unskippable ads on Halloween. NBA 2K19 experimented with them during summer, following its launch, which was around the time that it went for sale with a 95 percent discount. Both of them triggered backlash that swiftly dissipated.

In-game ads -- and more than just fictitious billboards, or sponsorships in real life -- is nothing new. Madden NFL 10 began with it on the PlayStation 3 or Xbox 360. It also included an in-game bumper advertisement for Snickers a decade ago.

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