This is not the only runescape player
This is not the only runescape player Sep 09

This is not the only runescape player

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This is not the only runescape player who has the same life. Runescape has such a bad reputation that it demands you to play for about 10 hours a day for a month or more, to OSRS Gold complete one task. JAGEX also hired Psychologists to help make the game more addicting, so that they can take away from a million players only five dollars per month. The game is used by approximately 150-300 000 players every month. There are between 100-200 million and 200 000 people playing the game at time.

I want to help other people who are caught in this game. I want the big corporations to stop making these games too demanding and time-consuming.

Jagex has left the user-friendly policy in the wrong place I believe. The policy they have modified will impact the community that it was founded on, and a new policy must be developed. In order to be effective the policy (or filter, as I like to refer to it) must be dynamic. Jagex must filter out additional feedback if the volume of feedback is increasing to make use of only the most valuable feedback. Jagex has this problem.
I'll explain how Jagex (according my view) should have dealt with the Ice Strykewyrms issue. It is difficult to believe that Jagex has the rants forum with the latest news as well as feedback and so on. There are too many topics (of which a lot are nonsense) for them to read. They should shut down the rants forums. Second, they should declare that they will not be using any feedback submitted in the Recent Updates Forum. The forum is for discussion only. It is recommended to include the latest updates along with an appropriate topic to the Feedback forum so users can leave feedback.

It is recommended to add a sticky called "Discussion Request" to your topic. This topic allows players to request topics and discuss or rant about things they believe need to be changed. Forum Mods can hide any rants or feedback that are posted in inappropriate forums in order to get Jagex the attention of Jagex. This is a huge filter that Buy RuneScape Gold prevents massive spam in the forums and also permits Jagex to analyze the problems in the game that actually need attention.

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