2K Sports need to address this issue
2K Sports need to address this issue Sep 09

2K Sports need to address this issue

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More Servers, Better - Gaming online is a key aspect of NBA 2K. Online gaming is a favored leisure activity enjoyed by many. However, online gaming can be unpredictable due to spikes in lag and crowded servers. 2K Sports has experienced lag-related issues for years. This frustrates players.

It's annoying to see the frame rate dropping and the player's movements not translating into the game. 2K Sports has an easy solution: simply hire servers that are better. MyLeague Contract Values I am a fan of MyLeague. It's a great concept to establish dynasties that can dominate the league. It's satisfying to see that player you chose to draft become a key player in your team's efforts to win the NBA championship.

MyLeague is plagued by young players being asked to sign contracts. This issue occurs after the player has played for four to five years. The new players that are signed in 2021 and 2022 would like the highest amount of money, even though this player is only playing twelve hours a day. The expectations for salary are absurd. It's tough to make a move in free agency or the market for trades if someone is making a stupid amount of money.

The only way out of the salary cap is to swap the player for pennies per dollar. This is only a brief chance to get some relief, as this is likely to happen next season along with other younger players. The contract values for young players aren't right and 2K Sports need to address this issue. I am a strong belief in the need to incorporate further criteria into the mechanics of expectations in contracts. The amount of time, the statistical output and the potential of the player should all factor into what the young player is hoping to get from a team.

The blatant and irritating advertising of products advertising products 2K Sports generate a lot of money from sponsorship deals with corporations like Gatorade, Beats, and Mountain Dew. The presence of actual companies does add to the immersion of the game to a degree. These ads have become quite unpleasant over the past couple of years.

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