RuneScape - This is mainly for f2p so some of the things
RuneScape - This is mainly for f2p so some of the things Sep 02

RuneScape - This is mainly for f2p so some of the things

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It seems that a lot of players are struggling to get a good dungeoneering experience, so I decided to post up this guide. This is mainly for f2p so some of the things might not be applicable to p2p. As a basis for things: I currently have 44 dungeoneering. It is crucial to remember that I'm 117-f2p so fighting on F2P is much easier.

Let's dispel some common misconceptions. To take down all bosses you don't need to equip armor. Just the food from clearing the levels will do. The experience you earn by opening bonus rooms is more valuable than the time saved. If the other person can comprehend what you are doing group play can be very beneficial. The tasks are divided and then divide them when you reach the one level or more of dungeoneering, or when you are at the same level. Small rooms are the fastest exp when solo/duoing.

Here are some tips to help you. Don't get too greedy. Stock up on food items. Don't forget to grab everything that is higher than the dusk hour. You can dispose of any weapon that you don't require in the beginning, and later purchase a Hammer (tinderbox), fly fishing rod, and some feathers. Never underestimate the importance of the complexity.

Prestigious: It is useful to understand what prestige is, how you can take advantage of it, as well as other details. How to do it. (NOTE This is a waste of time to try this early.

First, you will notice an progress bar at its bottom when you launch the interface for your party. It will tell you the number of floors you've completed. The reset button is located just below the number. Clicking this will set the current level to 0. In order to restore it you'll have to get to the first floor. However you'll be able to get the prestige bonus from floor 1 and will increase the exp. Take this picture for an example: (I was a mess due to the level mod. I'm not sorry.

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