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In France, cosplay is a popular program in animation exhibitions. Large-scale exhibitions such as "Japan Expo" can even attract up to 500 cosplayers to participate in cosplay. In addition to the majority of French cosplayers in the exhibition who draw inspiration from animation and manga, they also dress up as movie characters, famous singers and even TV series actors-even if these categories are not directly related to the theme of the exhibition, it can be seen. Champion of Cosplay
The independence of cosplay development in France.Unlike Japanese cosplayers, French cosplayers use almost hand-made costumes and usually only use it once. Purchasing or reusing costumes will be regarded as unfair competition (competition is not allowed in some competitions) .French cosplayers mainly focus on role-playing competitions, which are conventions in almost all comics, science fiction, fantasy or role-playing games. Spider Man Suit

They are not really competitive, and they have more opportunities to display clothing, which seems inferior to what they may not be (such as scenes, lights, music, etc.). Acting and singing skills competitions are highly valued, and some groups have reenacted battles or musical theater scenes. For example, being able to turn stunts is part of the clothing, the Japanese World Expo tradition, where the most valuable digital competition.

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