Runescape and Drug Use
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Runescape and Drug Use

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The majority of people don't want to lie when they first meet people. It is possible to be able to convince them if you like someone from the other sex. What's the point of lying to someone in Runescape when you can? Who you meet in Runescape won't be there in real life. They live far away in another country. Why lie? Also, you won’t be hesitant to share personal details regarding yourself. You'll be anonymous. You don't have to worry, you can tell all about you! You can always return and try again, even when you're rejected by someone online. You might find it quite simple. Comparing to the real world.

Let's discuss shyness. It may be more easy for people who suffer from social anxiety to form relationships in Runescape than in actual life. Since they're not announcing themselves, they don't need to worry about humiliation. Who's going to be watching you? They don't know you and you don't know them. This allows you to be open with one another! People will only see the outside of people who are shy in real-life.

Runescape does not emphasize outside appearance. This makes it easier to view the player from inside. Real life, outside. Runescape inside. While I'm not convinced that this to be the case all the time, it does seem to be the situation. Start with the outside and work your way inside. Runescape may be the reverse. You can reach the inside, and then head out.

In the real world, you could be rejected, or relationships could end up in dust, but in runescape, it's possible that relationships will last for a longer time. Runescape isn't always the best choice for certain friendships and relationships.

Disclaimer Disclaimer: I'm not trying to condone illegal, underage, or unprescribed usage of drugs. A lot of drugs can lead to addiction, health problems, or loss of freedom (getting incarcerated). This subject is intended meant for discussion only.

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