Rsgoldfast - It's a great place to conduct research
Rsgoldfast - It's a great place to conduct research Jul 10

Rsgoldfast - It's a great place to conduct research

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He only cares about books, books and books. The look of Unferth is amusing in comparison. Where is he where is he now? What can I do to find out? It's likely that he's in a place that has lots of research but no cats. It's a shame that he's in such a terrible place.

It's a great place to conduct research. There is Movario at the Runecrafting Guild arguing with Wizards Aantha and Vief. Utilize the orb on him, and he will be teleported to the White Knight Castle jail cell. Begin to question him at Falador. Movario will inform you that he thinks Lucien's Stone of Jas might be fake. If you mention the fact that it gave you incredible strength, Movario will suggest that it was connected to the real thing by magic, but that link was broken after the stone was taken. Movario will not be able to talk about anything else other than that he was a fan of Dorgeshkan.

Your character will think that Movario might have left something behind in Dorgeshkan after you've talked to Movario. Speak to Oldak and inquire about Lumbridge Caves. He will say that he shared some of his information to Movario. Ask Oldak if he knew what he was studying.

Zanik and Zanik will be interested in checking out the Guthix Temple you uncovered, even if it is swarming with demons. You don't have to worry about Tormented Demons as the expedition will be limited to the regions to the west. Still, you will want combat gearfor range and melee, and lots of food, as there is a battle about to occur.

Lower yourself into the chasm with the aid of a Light Creature, then talk to Oldak who tells you that there's a good viewpoint above the chasm. Cross the chasm towards the Magic Gem Rocks. Then return up. Finally, walk across the ledge to reach the flat ground. Talk to Oldak. Ah, I see so much more clearly from here. With the information you've provided me of Movario, I have a hypothesis about the Stone of Jas you spoke of. I belie...

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