Rsgoldfast - In case you've completed Priest in Peril
Rsgoldfast - In case you've completed Priest in Peril Jul 05

Rsgoldfast - In case you've completed Priest in Peril

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Once you get home you will call for the puppies, but nothing ever seems to happen nicely for the runescape character, also, you guessed it, the puppies are not there. Your personality will get nervous, Pretzel will bark and go into the yard and return with 3 dogs... but where are the other 2? Today you need to on a search for the missing puppies.

The first puppy is in the cooking store near there trying to eat something. Kill the bear and pick up the puppy and bring it back to Yanille. Put the puppy down in the home, and a couple of seconds afterwards, Harold will walk in the door with his superior Kibble.

He'll say you seem awfuly tired, and you'll see your experience for him. He'll state that he does not have room for puppies and you need to sell them. You'll need to go around selling all five dogs to the folks of Yanille, but just Bert wants a puppy to keep him firm after the sand dealing.You will go back to Harold and ask what to do and h will tell you to go to Ardougne.

Proceed to Ardougne and you will have the ability to sell a puppy to king Luthas who will pay you a nice amount of 600 coins. You can sell one to Elana's parents, and you to the zoo keeper, but nobody else needs one. Return to Harold and he will say you could continue to keep the puppy. Congradulations! Pursuit complete!

In case you've completed Priest in Peril or read a tiny bit about the history of Myortania, you'll remember that the River Salve keeps the tranquil kingdom of Misthalin seperated from the evil kingdom of Myortania. Myortania was made when Lord Drakan along with his Vampires invaded the peaceful area of this Misthalin kingdom where Saradomin followers were found. Lord Drakan took over and started to force his ways onto the people.

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