Madden NFL 21 Stadia review If you get it?
Madden NFL 21 Stadia review If you get it? Jun 28

Madden NFL 21 Stadia review If you get it?

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Unfortunately, the Stadia edition of Madden NFL 21 doesn't include any Stadia exclusive features, such as State Share, Crowd Play, or anything similar to that. If you decide to get Madden on Stadia, you would do so simply to have the flexibility of obtaining the game on numerous devices seamlessly. The mobile-native version of Madden isn't anything like actual Madden, therefore getting the complete item on mobile devices via Stadia is pretty cool.

People have been waiting for a very long time to get Madden NFL 21 on Stadia and it completely delivers. While it's true that this iteration of this long-running series does not have any major improvements over this past year and is really worse in a great deal of ways (specifically Face of the Franchise) it is still a great foundation to begin from on Stadia. If this is the first Madden game you have played in some time, you will probably be quite pleased.

Unfortunately, it just has not evolved enough to justify a higher score. If they had included several Stadia features, such as State Share to send game situation challenges for friends, or at least cross-progression or cross-play somehow that would have helped, but as it stands this is only a straight barebones interface of the Xbox One / PS4 edition of the game. It's good for what it is, but not a lot more.

The one thing I'll say is that I did not always enjoy my experience playing online at all. In those early days, when I had been losing in awkward ways, I struck a great deal of toxicity. While I obviously know I'm not very good in the game and don't mind losing at all, I faced a great deal of players who'd just shout at me and taunt me, even though they were effectively guaranteed a win. It would have been fine to face some players that gave me some advice rather, but it didn? happen.

I'd also argue that, although the Seasons style is meant to pool against players of a similar skill level, even with all that I have learned, I'm definitely still not good enough for even the bottom tier of players on the internet.

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