Rsgoldfast - Jagex can make skills like construction
Rsgoldfast - Jagex can make skills like construction Jun 10

Rsgoldfast - Jagex can make skills like construction

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I really don't understand what you're trying to say? Btw, I like that gravestone, it is useful for when u die, no longer players getting all your stuff, so I've got an addition for your own idea. If you die a gravestone will look, if your in time to get your items, no items will visit the torso, the items you lose visit the chest.

You shouldn't be in the wildy in case you don't want to loose items. The wilderness is only that, THE WILD. In real life if you get hurt or die you can not go back to get your things so why if you get your stuff back in RuneScape for making a foolish mistake.

The system makes simply a replica of the items to you would lose if there wasn't a gravestone and place the copies to the torso: everybody happy, PKer got loot and sufferer (lesser happy) still got his items if he had been in time to receive his things from his gravestone back. However, I think a player should be protected from getting killed before he reaches his gravestone so he still have a opportunity to receive back his stuff when his gravestone collaps, his protection from getting killed will be also gone.

This idea means there will likely be getting more and more items in the market so Jagex can make skills like construction which"eats" an amount of cash or items by being an expensive ability. This may bring back RWT and also make it even simpler so NO. Well, yesterday I had this thought, uhm... Oh well, assess the critters! So my idea was, to put in the gods theirself in the match!

There are three ways, Northwest, North and Northeast. On the north is an altar with a couple character animals around it (it was normally the place where guthix would be). The chaos druids are all non-aggresive, but Zamorak is. To the northeast is Saradomin and can be non-aggresive. There are also 10 normal Druids surrounding him (non-aggresive). Should you start attacking saradomin, he'll yell"Are you an assassin from Zamorak? And he"ll suspend you for 5 seconds.

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