Rsgoldfast - While making your sufferer trip
Rsgoldfast - While making your sufferer trip May 08

Rsgoldfast - While making your sufferer trip

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I guess having a variety of quest types is a good thing, but at the same time that it's weird. There should be some sort of order to them. Obviously, there's some order. Like you can't unlock (T) teleport if you've never been to (T) earlier, or unlock new lunar charms when you haven't even unlocked the lunar spell book yet, but I would like to have the ability to perform the old quests first and progress to the new ones. Short version: Update the images on older quest to match the new ones. New quests are made for dummies. Add order to quests in RuneScape.

I had been thinking that since ALOT of individuals go to F.O.G. (Fist of Guthix) to get mage xp due to this free runes you buy, I was thinking you could purchase a completely NEW spellbook using the tokens from F.O.G. (Later in this post, you'll also learn about the prayer book that you may purchase with all the tokens from F.O.G.

Along with this, a completely different amulet!) (Used ONLY at F.O.G.) F.O.G. Locate Minimum: Much like the Bounty Find, except instead of bringing one to your goal, you merely veiw where this person is through a little screen that pops up. The display will show only a small portion of where this individual is, but if you're fortunate, you will notice the features. However, you only have 7 seconds to do so. Requires 60 Magic.

Wind Tangle: This spell cause a long bolt of wind to wrap around your victim's legs, causing them to fall. If utilizing Wind Tangle, it will 3 seconds to return up. While making your sufferer trip, it also causes harm. Water Tangle: Much like the Wind Tangle, however should throw in your victim, it is going to take them 5 minutes to get up. Additionally, this causes more damage than the Wind Tangle.

Earth Tangle: Much like the other two, excpet it takes 8 minutes to your victim to grow. Also, doing more damage than others. This however, including 72 mage, requires you to be wearing the Amulet mentioned up top. Fire Tangle: Once cast upon your own victim, they will fall rather than a set ammount of time, whatever you strike divided by 2 is the ammount of seconds it'll take for that person to wake up. Along with 76 mage, you will be asked to wear the Amulet.

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