FIFA 21 is available today on PC, PS4, PS5
FIFA 21 is available today on PC, PS4, PS5 Mar 11

FIFA 21 is available today on PC, PS4, PS5

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With US authorities also understood to be looking into the situation, Jean-Bart's current whereabouts are still unknown. Today is the last day of FUT Freeze in its existing form. The FIFA 21 promo may probably last, but it appears like it'll also be partnered with a new batch of Road to the Final cards. Will there be even more modifications awaiting us on a Friday? Only time will tell. For the time being, players have a brand-new participant SBC to complete. Today, it's Jesus Navas creating the movement from right back to centre back. Check it out.

In my opinion, EA has actually lost the plot with this SBC. Navas is very brief for the position along with his stats do not really compensate for this. That comes doubly so when you realize how many wonderful choices La Liga already has at the position. I really do not know why you would finish this in the price point. They're asking around 150,000 coins for a participant that's readily replaced. I'd steer clear. But if you have to own himsee below for solution inspiration.

Instead of doing this, take a while to do your everyday SBC challenge and this week's Marquee Matchups. FUT Freeze has slowly gone downhill since that great Marquinhos SBC daily one. Hopefully, they could flip it back around with whatever they fall tomorrow.

FIFA 21 is available today on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox collection X. Make sure to check back tomorrow to see what's next. We are aware that it's likely to be some type of combination between Freeze and RTTF, however they might have something up their sleeve. Fingers crossed for a few quality content.

The very first group of the Week of 2021 is approaching, and we all can't wait!It is only hours today until the first Team of the Week (TOTW) squad of 2021, but who can we see released into packs?Keep up to date with the latest TOTW 15 information here.TOTW 15 is expected for release on Wednesday, 6 January at its normal time of 6pm GMT.Like always, the group of in-form cards will be available in packs for one week, along with the current Headliners promo players.

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